Boaleeco belongs to a family of brands focused on workplace skills and technical education. Together, our product lines span across all facets of career training. We have combined our years of experience in aviation and international exporting with our partners’ industry-specific products to create even more effective collection of teaching tools.

Our partners offer hundreds of hands-on vocational training products and opportunities for career exploration. Our innovative products, supported by an outcome-based curriculum, are exciting for students and enhance their career-focused skillsets.

TII Technical Education Systems

TII Technical Education Systems excels in producing innovative laboratory equipment and curricula geared toward technical training, workplace skills, and industrial certifications for schools, industry and government agencies worldwide. Their hands-on programs simulate real-life work conditions that assist educators in the development of a skilled workforce, spanning from entry-level courses to advanced professional training.


Construction Zone Workstations

Construction Zone workstations prepare students for careers in construction trades. Hands-on workstations provide safe work experience, equipped with professional tools for each trade. Each workstation is designed to integrate math, science, reading, and writing skills, and includes a comprehensive curriculum making it a complete educational system from start to finish.

Construction Zone

Green Collar Zone

Green Collar Zone provides hands-on alternative energy trainers that prepare for careers in the growing green economy. Solar Panel Installer, Wind Energy Technician, Solar Thermal Technician, and Weatherization Technician are real jobs in the sustainable energy arena. Their curriculum begins with the history and technology of sustainable energy, then provides hands-on activities to prepare them for careers in sustainability and other green jobs.

Green Collar Zone