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Aviation learning systems supplied by Boaleeco are specifically designed to meet FAR and EASA industry standards, creating real-life learning environments directed to employing qualified aviation technicians in the aviation industry.

Aircraft Systems


Hydraulic and Pneumatics System Trainers
Fuel Systems Trainers
Aircraft Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
Cabin Atmosphere and Control Pressurization Systems Trainers
Landing Gear and Braking Systems
Turbine Landing Gear
Ice and Rain Protection Systems

Aircraft Systems trainers offer a unique and practical hands-on learning experience using genuine aircraft components. The systems allow instructors to work with students on a specific aircraft system while providing hands-on and visual learning as needed for advancing today’s aviation mechanics.

Many other teaching aids are available that may consist of a specific demonstration of individual aircraft components or component cutaways. These real general aviation systems are built to industry standards, creating realistic aircraft learning environments for your educational aviation needs.

Aviation Learning Systems


Piston Engine Systems

Runnable Aircraft Powerplants
  • A variety of runnable aircraft test rigs complete with engine controls
  • Tear down, re-assemble engines on stands—specifically for students’ hands-on use in disassembly and reassembly of aircraft engines
  • Provided complete with engine and stand
  • Cutaway engines mounted on a mobile cabinet
  • Beautifully cutaway aircraft engine showing colorful hot and cold sections, motorized to show operation, with electric motor and controls housed inside the cabinet.

Fire Detection and Thrust Reverser Training Systems

Aviation Learning Systems


Exploratory Electronics, Digital Systems, Aircraft Lighting
Avionics Teaching System with Glass Panel Option
Electronic Flight Instrument System
HSI / ADI System
ARINC 429 Digital Data Bus
Digital Engine Instrument

Aircraft Electrical System Trainers
  • A variety of 12 or 24V, single or dual aircraft electrical systems built on large, student accessible cabinet
  • Instructor inserted fault insertion housed in the rear of the cabinet

Boaleeco can supply various Avionics teaching systems for hands-on teaching
of use, maintenance, operation, and troubleshooting of aircraft electronic radios


Boaleeco’s Aircraft Paint Maintenance Laboratory provides students with the knowledge to choose the appropriate tools, equipment, and materials needed to apply lustrous, durable, protective coatings to aircraft surfaces. Hazards associated with painting materials are covered during the coursework, allowing students to take the necessary steps to conduct the operation safely and effectively as commonly applied in aviation.

Boaleeco provides custom teaching labs for composite material repair or aircraft battery service. These labs can be fully customized to meet your organization’s specifications. Please contact us for additional information on our custom labs.

Aviation Learning Systems
Aviation Instructors
Aviation Class

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