A Reliable Solution for Educational Exporting

Export, Installation, and Commissioning of Job-specific Training Equipment

Boaleeco specializes in the development and export of realistic training devices for students worldwide. We assist with the entire international supply process, from inquiry, local government bid procedures, to installation. As a leader in educational exporting, we utilize a global network of qualified representatives in over 60 countries.

For over 40 years, our systems have been a mainstay in the curriculums of junior colleges, universities, vocational and technical schools. These facilities rely on our hands-on training aids to prepare students for careers in industry and aviation.

Aviation Learning Systems

Our Values

Our longevity is because of our customers and our experience in efficiently delivering a cost-effective supply of educational teaching systems worldwide with a particular focus on aviation. This expertise enables us to provide educators with new solutions that make aviation education more attainable for many global markets.

We have worked to build trusted relationships with both domestic and international customers. Without fail, Boaleeco exceeds expectations by delivering innovation with every education system and unmatched service with every educator.

Boaleeco History
Boaleeco History
Boaleeco History
Boaleeco History

Behind Our Educational Export Company

Boaleeco was established in 1978 by Bruce Boal, a Harvard-educated professional who got his start in overseas commerce during his time in the Navy. After a brief period working in marketing, he was deployed on active duty and sent to Bangkok. While in Thailand, he set up his first international operation—an Exchange and Commissary shop with branch stores in Laos, Vietnam, and Burma. After his two-year deployment, Bruce came home with familiarity with foreign markets.

He later took a job with a top laboratory developing electronic teaching aids. With the rise of junior colleges during the American educational boom of the mid-60s and 70s, career-focused learning aids were in high demand. Soon, the popularity of international technical schools rose too. Realizing the need for overseas exports, Bruce formed Boaleeco to focus on the sales of existing educational products in foreign markets.

Today, Boaleeco belongs to a family of brands focused on workplace skills and technical education.