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for Educational Exporting

Skilled technicians are in high demand worldwide. This need presents an excellent opportunity for students in technical and aviation careers. To prepare these students for basic to complex systems, colleges, universities, and training facilities require a modern solution that fits within their budgets.

Boaleeco specializes in the development of realistic training devices. Each of our training systems is available for international purchase. We  can assist with the entire ordering process, from inquiry, local government bid procedures, to installation.

Customers can rely on our decades of experience in education worldwide. We find that the best training system is based on a customer’s needs and coordinate with international exporting and our network of local experienced in-country representatives. Boaleeco’s experience in supplying hundreds of teaching systems to aviation maintenance and other educational facilities and instructors worldwide allows us to focus on our strengths, while end users can focus on theirs.

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Aviation Training and Teaching Equipment

With over 40 years of experience, Boaleeco understands the importance of having the right tools for practical aviation training.

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Boaleeco exceeds expectations by delivering innovation with every education system.

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