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Mechanical, Fluid Power Plant Maint. Tech

Advanced Technologies - Designed to effectively teach troubleshooting and repair of Advanced Technologies, Fluid Power Systems for industrial grade hydraulic, industrial pneumatic, control and sensors. The Explorer series curriculum focuses on background, applications and maintenance of the technologies commonly found throughout industrial plants.

The newly designed Advanced Electronic Sensors, Electro-Pneumatic, and Electro-Hydraulic Systems further complement these standard Fluid Power and Advanced Technology training systems.  The Advanced Electronic Sensors with built in 'smart relay' for programming I/O, along with a variety of photoelectric, proximity, specialty, and transducer sensors is built on a stainless steel frame with 24VDC power supply.  The system is durable, effective, and technically relevant in today's industrial workplace.  Also using the ‘smart relay’ is the Electro-pneumatic and Electro-hydraulic trainers with a large array of built in valves, actuators, switches and sensors providing the ability to replicate manufacturing press/stamping, vise/clamping and other industrial type environments.  Each is supplied with comprehensive student and instructor manuals.

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