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Automation, Overhead Gantry Style, CIM

Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Overhead Gantry - Advanced automation and robotic systems using an Overhead Gantry style gantry robot system (as commonly used in industrial automated applications) to efficiently and effectively automate and teach various processes in the educational lab.  This provides students with hands on experience in many areas including programming, calibration, supervisory control, and automation CIM techniques. The overhead single axis gantry system, gives your lab an industrial style automation environment while effectively using educational budgets.  A dual overhead axis gantry increases the work envelope and increases overall system capability.

These FMS/CIM Systems efficiently utilize educational resources for maximum educational impact in either the 6 or 7 axis robot work cell within the FMS/CIM cell.  The base CIM laboratory module is supplied complete with all necessary accessories, industrial supervisory PC software, and PLC control providing maximum budget flexibility, while being relevant to many industry applications.

Easily added accessories may include: Vision systems, bar code readers, CNC machine tools, storage and retrieval systems, conveyor systems, and more.  Ask now for your customized automation teaching solution with a real sized industrial overhead CIM solution.  Let us make your automation lab stand out with the reliability and industrial automation systems integration in the Overhead Gantry style teaching CIM system.  Contact Boaleeco and your local in country representative for a complete technical and price porposal specific to your needs and budget parameters.

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