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Hydraulic Systems

Level 1 Industrial Training Center Includes: Training Manuals, Instructor's Manual, Installation CD, DEPCO Industrial Hydraulics Stand, Festo Profile Plate, Festo FluidSIM Software, Pressure Gauge (3), Flow Control Valve, Check Valve, One-Way Flow Control Valve, Branch Tee (2), 3-Way Pressure Reducing Valve, 2-Way Flow Control Valve, Double-Acting Cylinder, Hydraulic Motor, 4/2-Way Hand Lever Valve, Hydraulic Power Unit, Pressure Relief Unit, Hose 600 mm (2), Hose 1000 mm (4), Hose 1500 mm (2), Safety Glasses (2), and Headphones (2).  Computer is required and sold separately. 

Level 2 Industrial Training Center Includes: Training Manuals, Instructor’s Manual, Installation CD, FluidSIM Hydraulics Software, Hydraulics Trainer, Pressure Gauge, Non-Return Valve (5), Pressure Relief Valve (2), Diaphragm Accumulator, Hand Lever Valve, 600 mm Hydraulic Hose (2), 1000 mm Hydraulic Hose (2), 1500 mm Hydraulic Hose, T-Branch Connector (2), Allen Wrench, and Pliers. Computer is required and sold separately.

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