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Industrial Electricity teaching itexamStore  High Pass Rate system providing a large assortment of electrical components for practical designer free shipping experiences in learning about voltage, current, circuits, and controls.  Complete package with (20) lesson student manual. 


Portable all in one basic electricity teaching system provides low cost flexibility in teaching basic electrical concepts. 

Level 1 Industrial Training Center Includes: Training Manuals, Instructor’s Manual, DEPCO Industrial Electricity Stand, Fuse Holder, Transformer, Fuse Protection Kit, Octal Base Relays, Mini-Compass, Knife Switch, Solenoids, Buzzers, Fan, Push Buttons, Switches, Circuit Breaker, Meter-Man Meter, Circuit Tester, Rheostat, Resistor Starter, Ceramic Capacitor Pack, Push Buttons Contact Blocks, 3 Position designer  With 2014 popular and Free Shipping Key Selector Switch, Pilot Lights, Half-Wave Rectifier, 555 Timer Kit, Allen Bradley 24 V Power Supply, Safety Glasses (2), and headphones (2). Computer is required.

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