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Motor Controls

Students start with the basics of electricity and gain hands-on experience with industrial motor controls to provide instructions on mounting components and connecting multiple motors commonly used in the industry. 

Level 1 Industrial Training Center Includes: Training Manuals; Instructor Manual; Installation CD; DEPCO Industrial Motor Controls Trainer which includes a NEMA Enclose, Power Distribution Panel Utilizing an Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4 AC Drive, and the DEPCO Load Center. In Addition, the DEPCO Load Center can be purchased separately. Wire Spools, 110V Motor (2), DC Motor, Three-Phase Motor, 2 Pole DC Motor Kit, D-cell Batteries, Flat File, Lockout Tags (2), Padlocks (2), Erasable Black Marker (2), Lockout Hasp, Rotating Electric Plug Lockout, FLUKE Digital Multimeter, FLUKE AC Current Clamp, Alligator Clip (2), Lead Extension (4), Phillips Screwdriver, Slotted Screwdriver, Wire Stripper/Cutters, Hex Key, Wrenches, Safety Glasses (2), Contactor (2), Reversing Contactor, ON-Delay Timing Relay, Off-Delay Timing Relay, Multi-function Timing Relay, Motor Protection Circuit Breaker, Tool Cabinet with Tool Trays, Volts Software, and Headphones (2). Computer is required and sold separately

Note: Trainer Requires Only 110V Power Supply (Three-Phase Power Not Required)

Level 2 Industrial Training Center Includes: Training Manuals, Instructor’s Manual, Installation CD, FESTO FST Programming Software, Metric Flange Nut, and T-Bolt. Computer is required and sold separately 

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