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Miscellaneous, Fiber Optic Teaching Lab

This complete and custom developed lab may be configured specific to your educational and teaching parameters, while integrating many major industry standard Fiber Optic components into a one semester course with 26 carefully developed laboratory experiments.  The lab is supplied with complete test and measurement instruments, consumable materials and top quality lab furniture.

Learning the basics of operating OTDRs, power meters, light sources, Visual Fault Locators, inspection devices and fusion splicers are included in the standard Boaleeco package.  In addition, a variety of cables, connector terminations, patch cord assemblies, couplers and splitters can also be included.

A 10 meter wall and rack system provides the ideal test tool for students in understanding the growing importance of fiber optic systems in our world today.

This wall and rack training system includes (2) 19" rack frames and cable ladder assemblies that hold one 19" rack mount simulating a FTTXH link with the second rack mount containing an inspection panel for student troubleshooting and panel inspections by inspecting and cleaning ferrules.  This system alone is intended for use by (10) students (5 teams of 2 each).

Additional details and information on this advanced Fiber Optic Lab system is available through Boaleeco and your local in country representative.

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