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Avionics Teaching Systems

Teaching the complexities of avionics can be overwhelming.

Making your job easier with real life Avionics NAV-ed series of training systems for training both ramp and bench technicians. This Nav-ed series offers instructors the ability to focus training on a single aircraft radio system and not the entire Avionics rack. The NAV-ed, Avionics Training Systems are designed to allow avionics students an easy to use and understand single aircraft radio system for hands on teaching and demonstrating actual use, maintenance, operation, and troubleshooting of aircraft electronic radios within the classroom.

Ideal for student use in developing installation techniques, wiring standards, troubleshooting for bench tech and ramp test and measurement skills. Avionics test and measurement equipment is needed for advanced experiments.


  • New standard aircraft radios and indicators mounted on durable panel
  • Radio test panels are supplied complete with connecting harness
  • Educationally mounted aircraft antennas
  • Hands on student manual with factory technical manuals or CD
  • Color coded mobile systems are built on heavy duty welded tubular frames
  • Electrical Wiring mimics FAA standards
  • Heavy duty 28V power supply
  • Complete functioning systems
  • Complete with necessary mounting tools in supplied tool kit.
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